Building A Strong Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of committing a crime, you may be surprised by the allegation and unsure of how to proceed. Depending on the crime, the consequences for a conviction can be serious, necessitating the assistance of a strong criminal defense attorney. At Kreisberg & Maitland, LLP, we believe the best way to address criminal charges is to deal with them head on and look at the entirety of the situation before pursuing a course of action.

From our office in New York City, our lawyers provide knowledgeable representation to individuals throughout Manhattan who are charged with misdemeanors or felonies such as:

  • Drug crimes
  • DUI
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex crimes

In addition to cases heard at the state level, we assist those facing federal charges such as government benefit fraud. Whatever your criminal defense need, when you contact us at 212-629-4970, we can help you.

Providing Personalized Criminal Defense Representation

Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, there are multiple approaches we may take to try to secure a positive outcome. We focus on you, not the crime you are charged with, to determine the best way to help you. After completing an intake, we conduct an investigation into your matter. Next, we will seek witnesses and experts whose testimony could help your case. If there are mitigating circumstances that help to explain why something happened, we will explore those and evaluate what collateral consequences could exist with each potential outcome.

Charged With A Crime? Contact Us.

In every case, the goal of our lawyers is to secure our clients the best possible outcome. To learn how we may be of assistance to you, please contact our criminal defense law firm online or at 212-629-4970.