Charged With A Crime Related To Your Job? We Can Help.

We all work hard to earn a living and be successful. Depending on one's occupation, the benefits associated with a job will vary. If a worker takes advantage of a benefit that he or she believes to be a perk, but in fact is not, that employee could wind up facing a criminal charge — even if it was an innocent mistake.

Help For Those Accused Of Theft In The Workplace

Workers are accused of theft in many situations. At Kreisberg & Maitland, LLP, we represent employees facing theft allegations in a range of industries and job functions, including:

  • Public employees accused of stealing benefits
  • Civil employees accused of taking and using welfare benefits such as food stamps
  • Child care workers who received gifts from a vendor
  • Midlevel managers accused of using office resources and cash for personal needs

Government Benefit Fraud

Accusations of employee fraud involving food stamps, Section 8 housing, subsidies and public assistance require special knowledge and experienced legal representation. Because we have criminal and employment law attorneys on staff, we understand the nuances of this type of criminal complaint.

Government fraud cases are governed by federal statutes. This means that the consequences of a conviction are particularly harsh. If you are facing this type of criminal charge, know that a charge is not the same as a conviction. Obtaining legal representation to build a strong defense is important and helps to secure the best possible outcome. As our client, you will feel confident that you are doing everything possible to avoid serious penalties and to protect your rights and future.

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