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If you are under investigation for a federal offense or have already been charged, time is of the essence. Crimes which fall into the federal court's jurisdiction are typically pursued aggressively by experienced prosecutors and sentenced harshly. You do not have to face the outcome of federal criminal charges on your own. Having an experienced Manhattan federal criminal defense attorney on your side is essential to getting through your case. At Kreisberg & Maitland, we are dedicated to getting involved early on so we can impact the outcome of your case.

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Who Investigates Federal Crimes?

There are several different government agencies responsible for examining and investigating certain crimes. Even before you are arrested or charged, you have likely already been investigated for some time. These agencies include the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives).

Federal agencies investigate a wide range of cases according to their agency, such as:

Federal vs. New York State Criminal Charges

If you are accused of committing a federal crime in New York, you will be tried in a New York federal court. Although violations of state law may seem severe, violations of federal law typically bring even more serious punishments including years or even decades in prison, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, and other lasting penalties.

Penalties are determined by a wide range of factors such as the severity of the law allegedly broken, whether there were victims directly affected, and more. Our goal is to use our knowledge of the law to successfully fight your case. In some instances we may even be able to move cases from federal to state court.

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A competent federal criminal attorney is not the same as any other criminal defense lawyer. Criminal law experience alone will not be sufficient in a federal court. You must have a Manhattan federal crime attorney on your side who has experience representing clients against federal criminal charges. At Kreisberg & Maitland, we have the necessary training and experience to represent those accused of federal crimes, and we have maintained an exceptional track record. Our understanding of how federal prosecutors and officials think helps us build effective defense strategies against their arguments.

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