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Manhattan Public Assistance Fraud Lawyer

Misdemeanor & Felony Government Benefits Fraud Defense

Welfare—also known as public assistance or government benefits—is governed by a wide range of statutes intended to prevent people from defrauding the system to obtain benefits. Individuals who violate these statutes such as through falsifying information on their application or lying to social workers could face serious penalties. In some cases, the state may even push for charges like theft, forgery, or perjury. At Kreisberg & Maitland, we represent individuals who were charged with public assistance fraud in Bronx, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas.

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What Does Public Assistance Fraud Entail?

Those in need of public benefits must first apply for them, and the application process is prone to mistakes and other complications. People who receive government benefits have been charged with fraud on suspicion that they were receiving money under false pretenses. Since welfare applications are signed under oath, any false statements or inaccurate information could be grounds for the state to take action.

A few examples of the specific charges which may be made include:

  • Failing to report a significant change that would alter the benefits
  • Providing false information on a public assistance application
  • Altering a food assistance identification card
  • Assisting another individual in fraudulent welfare activity
  • Using a Medicaid card for fraudulent activity
  • Receiving benefits as a result of a falsified benefit claim

Facing Fraud Charges with Help of Manhattan Criminal Attorney

The state of New York has a high population and a significant number of people on government benefits. Because public assistance has a low-income criterion, any falsifications are taken seriously. In fact, those convicted of a felony fraud charge of this type could even face a prison sentence. It is imperative that you seek representation from an experienced Manhattan public assistance and government benefit fraud lawyer right away after your arrest. Do not answer questions without your attorney present to protect your rights.

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