Employment Law in Manhattan, NY

Our employer attorneys in Manhattan, NY, understand just how many risks are involved when running a business. Between the money you put into your business and the time you spend running it, the last thing you want to deal with is legal trouble. That is where our team comes in, helping you resolve disputes with your employees as quickly as possible, thereby reducing your stress and allowing you to focus on what is most important. Therefore, whether you are facing accusations from those working for you or you have an employee you trusted that has wronged you in some way, we are the name to trust. Call Kreisberg & Maitland, LLP today for a consultation to determine the best, legal course of action you should take.

We Leave No Stone Unturned

Your business is a complex organization. That is why our employer lawyers are detail-oriented, ensuring that every aspect of your case is thoroughly examined. When it comes to presenting your side of a dispute, you want to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Let us investigate your employee dispute to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Contact us today if one of your employees has:

  • Filed a Case Seeking Compensation
  • Made Clear Intentions of Filing a Suit
  • Hired a Lawyer
  • Verbally Complained About Discrimination of Any Kind

Call us the moment a dispute arises between you and one of your employees for a consultation. We are proud to represent Manhattan, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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