Public Assistance Fraud

Public Assistance Fraud, also known as Welfare Fraud, is when an individual seeks to defraud the government out of paid benefits by falsifying the applications for these benefits. Some of the programs which people get charged with defrauding are Medicaid and Foodstamps.

Some of the ways Public Assistance Applications are falsified are as follows:

  • 1. Under reporting the amount of income the applicant earned
  • 2. Hiding assets such as bank accounts and real estate
  • 3. Not accurately reporting household composition
  • 4. Selling benefits to others for money or drugs

When you are suspected of Welfare Fraud, you may receive a letter from the NYC Human Resource Administration asking you to come in for a meeting to review your benefits. You may be asked to bring certain documents with you to verify your income and other information you have previously given to obtain benefits. If you receive this letter, it could mean that you are already suspected of fraud. You should contact an attorney immediately, before contacting the office that sent you the letter.

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