Criminal Record Sealing In New York

NY State does not allow for the expungement of criminal records. Getting your record expunged is different than getting it sealed. Expunged means your record is erased, totally. It’s as if the crime you were charged with never occurred. Sealed, on the other hand, means that your record will not be visible to members of the general public, including; friends and family members, future employers, banks and the like.

Former Prosecutor Gary Maitland

However, sealed records can be opened under certain circumstances, the most common of which is a court order. Another time your criminal record can be unsealed is at your own request, for example if you are applying for a government job or any position that requires you to carry a licensed firearm, you will be asked to sign a release to have your criminal record unsealed for the purpose of determining your eligibility for the job or license.

Attorney Gary Maitland, as a Former Assistant District Attorney, is well acquainted with the system and can advise you on getting your criminal record sealed in New York.

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