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Facing criminal charges is a scary situation. Your good name and reputation are at stake, to say nothing of the future difficulties associated with having a criminal record. You need a legal team at your side with experience and awareness of exactly what to expect. The Manhattan, New York, criminal defense lawyers at Kreisberg & Maitland, LLP have been helping New York residents fight criminal charges for years, giving us the experience your case needs to succeed. Call now and schedule a free consultation with our team.

Founded to Fight Injustice

Since 1987, founding partners Gary Maitland and Jeffrey Kreisberg have shown an enduring commitment to ensuring their clients’ rights and interests are protected when facing accusations of criminal conduct. Their team has earned a reputation as attorneys who will stop at nothing to help their clients obtain the best possible outcome, including arguing cases in front of the United States Supreme Court. No matter the charge, the attorneys at Kreisberg & Maitland, LLP are devoted to ensuring that every client receives due process of law and a just result.

Offering Free Consultations

The lawyers at Kreisberg & Maitland, LLP have over 125 years of combined experience in employment and criminal matters. We work collaboratively to ensure that every case gets the full benefit of our combined knowledge and experience. If you have questions about your case, you have nothing to lose by calling our firm and scheduling a free consultation. Our team takes the time to help clients understand their situation so they can make the right decision moving forward. Whether your case is involving criminal defense, civil rights, employment law, or real estate concerns, the team at Kreisberg & Maitland, LLP knows how to help.