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Case Results

Attorney Gary Maitland  

  1. Dismissal during trial of Indictment in Brooklyn Supreme Court for alleged Theft of more than $1 million.

  2. Not Guilty Verdict for African man Indicted for allegedly Attempting to Rape and Sexually Abusing a while female in Staten Island.

  3. Not Guilty Verdict on attempted murder of police officer and possession of 4 ounces of cocaine

  4. Not Guilty Verdict for custodian accused of assaulting a resident in a Manhattan Men’s Shelter. 

  5.  Numerous Not Guilty Verdicts in DWI trials across the city of New York. 

  6. Dismissal of federal fraud indictment in Brooklyn on a legal technicality in Manhattan Supreme Court. 

  7.  Not Guilty Verdict in New York County Family Court robbery case. 

  8.  Dismissal of child sexual abuse indictment in Queens Supreme Court. 

  9.  Dismissal of assault on police indictment in Queens Supreme Court. 

  10.  Not Guilty Verdict in Kings County Family Court drug case. 

Attorney Jill Mendelberg  

  1. Won numerous arbitration victories directing the payment of compensation to employees shown to have been performing out-of-title work.  

  2. Won numerous arbitration awards directing reinstatement and back pay to wrongfully discharged employees.  

  3. Numerous settlement agreements for wrongfully discharged and/or suspended employees.  

  4. Won court action in the New York State Supreme Court and the Appellate Division, 1st Department seeking to enforce an arbitration award the city refused to implement.   

  5. Litigated numerous cases in New York State Supreme Court for individuals who were subject to discrimination based on race, gender, or disability, in violation of the New York State and New York City Human Rights Laws.  

  6. Litigated numerous cases before the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings defending employees accused of misconduct.  

  7. Prosecuted numerous cases before the New York State Division of Human Rights for employees who were subject to discrimination in their workplace.  

Attorney Jeffrey L. Kreisberg

  1. In a case decided by the United States Supreme Court, Mr. Kreisberg represented the plaintiffs regarding age discrimination and arbitration under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

  2. He also worked in a groundbreaking case ruling that an employer may not deny a request for a medical leave of absence using uniform rules providing a maximum period for such leaves.

  3. Established groundbreaking under the NY Human Rights Law in the Supreme Court, Appellate Division 1st Dept. that requires the City of  New York and other employers who receive requests from an employee for a reasonable accommodation due to disability, to engage in an “inter-active process” with the employee to determine if the reasonable accommodation requested can be provided without undue hardship to the employer.   

  1. Obtained order and judgment of the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, 2nd Department prohibiting the NYC Employees Retirement System from charging retroactive contributions from members who were placed and remained in the wrong pension tier for many years, securing full pensions without additional cost. 

  2. Numerous arbitration awards directing the payment of compensation to employees found to have been performing out-of-title work and directing the reinstatement with back pay of wrongfully discharged employees. 

  1. NLRB settlement agreements providing substantial back pay amounts to employees wrongfully discharged for having engaged in protected concerted union activities.  

  1. Leveled the labor relations playing field by winning multiple NYC Office of Collective Bargaining decisions securing “make-whole” remedies for employees subjected to retaliation for filing grievances under collective bargaining agreements or engaging in other protected activities.     

Attorney Jean O'Hearn

  1. Prevented a City agency from terminating a long-term employee for alleged misconduct when the evidence established the employee’s conduct was not willful but more likely than not was the result of a then undiagnosed mental health condition. Employee was instead placed on disability leave and ultimately approved for disability retirement .

  1. Represents hundreds of workers in investigations conducted by City and State investigative authorities, including the New York City Department of Investigation and the New York State Justice Center.  

  2. Legal team for an acquittal of juvenile detention worker arrested for incident with youth in the facility.   

  1. Legal team for acquittal of worker falsely accused of sexual assault while on duty.  

  1. Legal team for acquittal of a youth falsely accused of felony drug sale while going to the store for his mom.  

  1. Represented more than a dozen workers in special Grand Jury convened to examine the systemic problems they faced within their agency. 

  2. Numerous arbitration awards and settlements resulting in back pay and reinstatement of workers wrongfully terminated or disciplined. 

  1. Successfully prevents convictions of clients through vigorous engagement with mental health interventions and diversion programs.  

  1. Successfully advocates for the sealing of conviction records under the New York State Criminal Procedure Law 160.59.  

  1. Numerous administrative law fair hearings resulted in the expungement or sealing of abuse and neglect investigations from statewide databases (State Central Registry, Vulnerable Persons Center Registry), enabling families and workers to become foster and adoptive parents and pursue child-related careers.